File Name Design Size Total Stitches
SimpleGothic-Cap-A-11.Art,Hus,Jef,Pcs,Pes,Sew,VIP,XXX 18mm x  21mm (0.72" x 0.81") 315
SimpleGothic-Cap-A-14.Art,Hus,Jef,Pcs,Pes,Sew,VIP,XXX 14mm x  16mm (0.57" x 0.64") 227
SimpleGothic-Cap-A-16.Art,Hus,Jef,Pcs,Pes,Sew,VIP,XXX 12mm x  14mm (0.47" x 0.53") 227
SimpleGothic-Cap-A-18.Art,Hus,Jef,Pcs,Pes,Sew,VIP,XXX 11mm x  13mm (0.44" x 0.50") 227

NOTE: Sizes are shown for the Cap Letter A. These sizes are approximate
within a few mm of each other. Some are a little wider and some narrower.